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The innovation in drug and alcohol intoxication test

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What we do

We provide software tools for people managing high-risk environments to detect alcohol and drug intoxication easy, quickly, remotely and real-time just by speech.


Our technology

AI-driven vocal-based technology that detects alcohol and drug intoxication using vocal-biomarkers just in a person’s speech.
Our solution is able to test intoxication easy, quickly remotely through a mobile phone app or by a phone call or by built-in device software. Our software is based on a voice recognition system using vocal biomarkers to identify possible intoxication of target personnel. We are using the purpose adjusted derivative of the recurrent neural network. The algorithm is based on not only labeled but also paired data sets.


How it works

Via mobile phone

Use of mobile apps or phone calls to test alcohol and drug intoxication.

Via access control system

You can test alcohol and drug intoxication of your employees  at the control point of access to the building.

Via special IOT devices

Use of mobile or stationary devices for test alcohol and drug intoxication in cars, at buildings or outdoor.


Our Team

Giorgi Chiteishvili


An innovator, serial entrepreneur, experienced manager

Andris Lurins


A veteran business and IT person who is always looking for the next big challenge.


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